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A revamped Vendor Dashboard

We have just redesigned and revamped the vendor dashboard to enable smooth user experience.

Firstly, the ideation behind this version was driven by the need to make the website more user-friendly and smart. 

The revamped update perfectly reduces both your efforts by 40%. It is done so that you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time in going over the settings. 

The ideation and development phases were followed by an extensive testing phase of the website.  

The update time enables you to sell pro-actively without being in a locked-in situation. 

All that is New 

  • A familiar, functional simplicity and optimized user experience, add multiple widgets and functionalities 
  • Vendors can set their store location and time zone by using Google Maps on their store’s page
  • A new front-end product management function. 

New Widgets on Vendor Dashboard: 

New Dashboard

  • Vendor Stats and Reports- Vendors can view store statistics inclusive of store traffic, received orders, total sales, earned commission and withdrawn commission reports on a quarterly basis. 
  • Visitors Map- Vendors can view visitor analytics of the store and products on a weekly or monthly basis. It displays locations from which the vendor’s store or products have been visited. 
  • Transaction Details- Vendors can figure out total commission amount ready to be withdrawn along with the last five transactions that were performed by them. Withdrawal option at the widget links the vendor to the commission withdrawal page. 
  • Product Sales Report- Vendors can oversee the products that were sold in the past 7 days with the product name and quantity. 
  • Product Stats- Vendors can learn statistics of the added products, i.e. total of published, pending, drafted products. They can also oversee the products awaiting admin’s approval. 
  • Vendor Reviews- Vendors can view feedback received by their customers about their store here. 
  • Customer Questions- Vendors can view and reply to the questions asked by customers about the products. These customer queries are pulled from the “Questions and Answers” section of the products’ pages. 

What do you think of this new dashboard? we would love to hear your reactions.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that would make the dashboard, even more, user-friendly, share with us here or send a mail to [email protected] or get a hold of our support at [email protected].

Uploaded files:
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  • Screenshot-2018-3-5-Vendor-Dashboard-ProjectShamba.png

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