Effect of Classroom Environment on the Academic Performance

Bachelors Degree

The focus of this study is based primarily on the effect of classroom environment on the academic performance of secondary school students in Gwagwalada Area Council. The topic of my research will enable other teachers to expand their knowledge about the impact of classroom environment on their students’ performance.


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This study is a research work with particular emphasis on the Effect of Classroom Environment on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Gwagwalada Area Council. Ten schools were selected as sample of the study using sampling techniques. The one hundred questionnaires were designed as tools for data collection which the target population was students in secondary schools. Simple percentage of frequency counts was used for the data analysis. The results from this research indicate that large classroom environment reduces students active participation in the class, large classroom environment encourages noise thereby affecting students understanding and untidiness of the classroom causes discomfort and affects students learning. Recommendation were made that more classroom should be built as it will help in reducing over populated classroom, School administrator (principle) should enroll the number of students that can be equal with available facilities and good ventilation should be provided in classroom for effective learning.

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people are transformed from one generation to the next through teaching, or research, Agheta, (1992) asserted that any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. Again Agheta, (1992), Ajibade,(1993) and Adeyemi,(2006), writing on the role of education in national development agreed that for a development to take effect, a country must have a very considerable proportion of trained, educated citizens, not only to act as doctors, engineers, teachers, agriculturists, scientists and the like, but must create a new class sufficiently large and hence, sufficiently strong to establish its own value of justice, selection on merit, flexibility, empiricism and efficiency.

Hence, the issue of poor academic performance of student in Nigeria has been of much concern to the government, parents, teachers and even students themselves. Statistics shows that 180, 480 candidates which represent 58.20% of 2012- 2013 candidates in West Africa Examination Council, (WAEC) have four credits and above including Mathematics and English while others which represent 42.80% had deficiency in the core subjects including Mathematics and English.

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