The Impact of Early Marriage among Bassa Teenagers and turn-over of their graduates

Bachelors Degree

The study is taken up to investigate the causes and effects of teenage girl child marriage, and what is the outcomes of the graduate’s community.


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Throughout the world, marriage is regarded as a moment of happiness and celebration, which society sees as a milestone of achievement to an adult’s life. It is seen as the most important stage where a man and woman have become adults in life. Its importance becomes very vital because of its special position it holds, and the role it plays. Sadly, this digest makes clear, the practice of early marriage gives no cause for celebration.

How the imposition of a marriage upon a child teenage girl is cut short, and the fundamental rights of that teenage child are compromised. Concerning this situation, one would think that the Joy of marriage is hoped for, when this child or teenager, is expected to be seen in the school, rather than playing parental roles at an early stage. Adolescent fertility continues to receive wide attention ‘due to the negative association between teenage motherhood [girl child], and women’s education. Today, our society has bastardized marriage that everybody wants to involved as a result of this, there have been no adequate plans to check the women’s education background and lack of qualified women in labour market, and this as well affects the economic growth and development of the country. As attempts are made to arrest this problem in African society, also to enlighten them, but the problem is crippled by the habit of the norms and values of the people.

Recent studies have shown that gender stereotype, continue to be reinforced in Nigeria, a series of agents of socialization such as the family, schools, churches, mosques, and the media have become custodians of accepting the culture, that girls and boys growing up n Nigeria, that the male is made superior over the female in the society. The gender stereotype in Nigeria, is further reinforced by lack of national legislation, to checkmate this act and aim at disabusing the mind à people, as well punish offenders from involvement in teenage marriage and adolescent fertility rather than to educate this young girl. The government only focuses on the legal regulation, and the establishment of the national agency, without prying to check the syndrome and remote causes of early marriage on teenage girls, these goes on a result of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy. All these are yet to be seen as important indicators and need to be quickly addressed.

Wepinger et al [1999], Chevalier and Vitanen [2003], and wolf [2009] found that teenage motherhood reduces schooling due involvement in early marriages. Also, Hoimlund [2005], also confirmed that teenage girls have been forced into childbearing, making them reduce

Their chances of receiving education. This findings is backup by the belief, is to enable them to turn into motherhood, which society use to portrait as the source of prestige, in exchange of education.

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